2013-01-05 02:45:35 by ZabuJard


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2013-01-06 01:42:22

hey! just wanted to congratulate you on a long history of uploading garbage submissions to Newgrounds over the course of years, with no visible signs of improvement.

Someday, when your girlfriend leaves you for a wealthy artist, you can look back on these times and know you wasted your youth.

Keep it up, sport!

ZabuJard responds:

HAHAHA. oh my. well thank you friend, i intend to.


2013-01-07 08:38:48

hey dude, sorry to be such a jerk. only did so because you made fun of sandy hook. The game still sucks, even if it wasn't about Sandy Hook...then again, I get the feeling like making games isn't really a priority for you...but you DO got some cool submissions, good luck in da future.

ZabuJard responds:

thanks dude


2013-01-07 18:41:25

You are one messed up, insane, and disturbed person, WTF IS THIS CRAP